List of Sedation Dentists in Connecticut

IV for sedation in dentistry

Want IV Sedation? Be sure your dentist is on this list.

There has never been a comprehensive list of active and licensed sedation dentists in the state of Connecticut. Until now.

There are very few dentists providing sedation dentistry in Connecticut who possess the required license to provide sedation services. As a result, it can be very confusing for prospective patients looking for a provider – because many dentists advertise sedation but do not have the proper training.  As a service to our existing and future patients, we are publishing a list of all the licensed sedation dentists in Connecticut.

We highlight the word “licensed” because there are many dentists who advertise that they do sedation – when in reality they simply do oral sedation (which is not safe in our opinion) or they bring an outside anesthesiologist in to provide the sedation.  In these cases, the dentists do not have the proper sedation license.

We’ve broken the list down by general dentists, periodontists, and then oral surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Connecticut General Dentists with IV Sedation Licenses

  1. Dr. Nick Calcaterra, Orange, CT.  Of course we had to list us first! Learn all about Dr. Nick Calcaterra’s extensive IV sedation experience on our sedation page. And of course, he has an active Connecticut license to provide IV sedation in our Orange office.
  2. Dr. Randall Harris. Dr. Randall Harris is a general dentist and practices in Gales Ferry, CT.
  3. Dr. Robert Harris. Dr. Robert Harris practices in Bloomfield, CT.
  4. Dr. Yuriy May. Dr. May is a general dentist and practices in Farmington, CT.

That’s it. There are only four general dentists in the entire state of Connecticut with active licenses. They’re on the list above. Please note that Dr. Thomas Peltzer of Plainfield, who used to provide IV sedation, is no longer listed due to his untimely passing.

Connecticut Periodontists with IV Sedation Licenses

  1. Dr. Brian Evans. Dr. Evans is a periodontist and practices in Hamden and New Haven, CT.
  2. Dr. Craig Foisie. Dr. Foisie is a periodontist and practices in Waterford, CT.
  3. Dr. Gregory Toback. Dr. Toback is a periodontist and practices in New London, CT.
  4. Dr. Namita Khandelwal. Dr. Khandelwal is a periodontist and she practices in Farmington, CT.
  5. Dr. Patricia Diaz Moreno. Dr. Diaz Moreno is a periodontist and practices in Farmington, CT.
  6. Dr. Sejal Thacker. Dr. Thacker is a periodontist and practices in Farmington, CT.

Just like the list above of general dentists, there are very few periodontists in Connecticut who have active licenses to sedate you.

Connecticut Oral Surgeons and Dental Anesthesiologists

We don’t list them – because all oral surgeons and dental anesthesiologists have licenses to provide IV sedation. So if you want anesthesia and you’re planning on being seen by an oral surgeon or dental anesthesiologist – then you’re good to go!

How Did You Compile the List?

Excellent question. We compiled this list in an unbiased manner. We searched the Connecticut licensing database ( Our search criteria was simple: show us all the dentists in Connecticut with an active license to provide IV sedation. From there, we sub-divided the list into specialty. For detailed instructions on how to get a license and how to search the database, visit our page on the requirements for licensure. We last searched in late January 2023.

Our position – as should be yours – is that you should only be sedated by a provider with an active license. If they’re not on the list (or not listed on, you should not allow them to sedate you. Period.

Sedation Dentistry consultation from a dentist on the listAre you interested in sedation dentistry? Did you call another office which advertised sedation – only to find out the dentist has to bring an outside provider in to provide the anesthesia? Are you interested in sedation performed by one of Connecticut’s most experienced sedation dentists? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve performed thousands of sedations in our office in Orange, CT. You can call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.