Creamy Pus Drained from Tooth Abscess Video

This HD video – which shows the drainage of pus with a milky/creamy consistency emerging from a dental abscess – was filmed in our office in Orange, CT. Dr. Nick Calcaterra performed the procedure on this infected upper right premolar.

Teeth can become infected. Badly and acutely infected. In those cases, pus can develop underneath the gums. Without treatment, the infection can be life threatening. Treatment must include surgical intervention, which can be seen in the video:

You may view the above video directly on YouTube or visit our award winning YouTube channel.

The above procedure is called incision and drainage (frequently called an I+D). It is not unique to dentistry nor oral surgery. It is practiced in all branches of surgery. As the name would imply, the procedure involves making an incision into the infected area and allowing the accumulated pus to drain. As part of this, the infected tissue is also cleaned out to allow for more rapid and thorough healing.

Some random notes about this video:

  1. Thorough analysis of the x-ray as well as detailed clinical exam revealed that the tooth could be saved. The patient wished to keep the tooth and not have it be extracted. This is why we did not extract the tooth at the same time.
  2. The patient was given antibiotics after the procedure. Even though the pus was drained, antibiotics are typically needed to resolve the infection before the definitive procedure can be performed.
  3. Once the infection resolved, our patient had a root canal performed and then a new crown. He still has the tooth. Mission accomplished!

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