Topical Fluoride

The topical application of fluoride is proven to strengthen teeth and to reduce the likelihood of the development of dental decay (known colloquially as “cavities”). Our dedicated hygiene team applies topical fluoride to pediatric patients and adult patients when indicated to accomplish these objectives. Our overall goal is for patients to walk out of our dental office in Orange, CT knowing they don’t have to return for 6 more months!

Topical Fluoride Varnish used in our Orange, CT dentist office for teeth

One type of Topical Fluoride in our office

We use a topical fluoride varnish with the following characteristics:

  • Strong 5% concentration of fluoride allowing for immediate effects to the teeth.
  • Unique formulation allows the patient to eat and drink immediately after application.
  • The varnish is sweetened with xylitol which is clinically proven to reduce dental decay as well.
  • White color similar to enamel so it is nearly invisible.
  • The varnish contains the unique Tri-Calcium Phosphate component which has been demonstrated in several scientific studies to aid in the remineralization of tooth structure.

We were one of the first dental offices in Orange to offer gluten free topical fluoride!

Topical Fluoride varnish gluten free for celiac disease patients in Orange, CT

Our Gluten Free topical fluoride

Please note that the topical application of fluoride is entirely different than the systemic use of fluoride.  Excess consumption of fluoride systemically can lead to fluorosis.  Topical application of fluoride to teeth on pediatric patients every 6 months has never been found to be correlated to fluorosis. Please call our office in Orange, CT if you have additional questions about the differences between topical versus systemic fluoride.