IV Sedation Dentistry

Patient Review of IV Sedation with Dr. Calcaterra

A Google review from Kyle – a real patient of ours. Notice how he received IV sedation elsewhere – but then ended up coming to our office.

The Sound of the Drill. The Dreaded Dental Needle. The Potential for Unexpected Dental Pain.

Do these things make you avoid the dentist? Are you petrified of being awake for an extraction or root canal? Are you afraid to even pick up the phone to make an appointment?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Sedation Dentistry is the solution.

Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra is one of Connecticut’s most experienced sedation dentists, having helped thousands of patients overcome their fears and get the dental treatment they need. He routinely does more than one hundred sedations per year, has a valid license to perform IV sedation, and is the only active general dentist in the entire state with Master Status in the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

In sedation dentistry, Dr. Calcaterra administers medications that will bring you into a twilight state where you can get nearly any dental procedure done without any pain. And when you emerge, you won’t remember anything.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well it is true – just watch video testimonials of our patients – LizJen, Jesse, Adriana, Deanna, Jermaine, Leslie, Helen, or Jennifer!

What is Sedation Dentistry Like in our Office?

Watch our video – to learn what makes us one of the premier Sedation Dentistry offices in all of Connecticut – and to hear from several of our patients talk firsthand about their experiences.

Noticed how the video started? Our patient Leslie said “I don’t remember a thing.” That’s how she described her sedation experience!

Who Benefits from IV Moderate Sedation?

Dentist who puts you to sleep for dental treatment in Connecticut photo

Her fears prevented her from getting dental treatment done… until she came to see us.

As an office that has treated hundreds of fearful patients, we’ve seen nearly every kind of dental phobia. In fact, we wrote an entire post about it. Here are some of the more common reasons why patients desire sedation:

  • You are too uncomfortable or scared to even call the dentist, let alone come for an exam.
  • You hate the tastes, smells, and sounds of the dentist.
  • You had traumatic experiences as a child and now are too scared.
  • You need multiple procedures performed and want to get them completed in much fewer visits.
  • You have a bad gag response.
  • You’ve had difficulty getting numb in the past at the dentist.
  • You hate needles and shots.
  • You are fine in the chair for simple fillings, but you need oral surgery performed (such as having wisdom teeth or other teeth extracted) or a root canal and you are scared.
  • You are unable to find a dentist whom you can trust.

There are many other reasons why you may need or want sedation. These are just the most commonly seen ones.

Why Dr. Calcaterra for Sedation?

Best sedation dentist for scared dental patients

Sedation = No more dental fear

Simple. We do sedations ALL the time.

It is worth stating it again. We do sedations ALL the time. For us, sedating patients is a routine procedure, just like doing a filling or crown.

Many dentists claim to do sedation dentistry but do not do it on a routine basis. In nearly all of those cases, the dentists DO NOT possess the license to do so. They do not do over 100 cases per year like we do.

Other practitioners will offer nitrous oxide only. Some offer the procedure but only through an outside practitioner who you do not meet until the day of your procedure! Patients overwhelmingly choose Dr. Calcaterra for IV or oral sedation for the following reasons:

  • Dr. Calcaterra is the only general dentist in the entire State of Connecticut who has achieved Master Status in the College of Sedation in Dentistry through the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. This achievement – which is the highest any general dentist can attain in dental anesthesiology – makes him the most accomplished sedation dentist in the entire state.
  • He graduated number 1 in his class from dental school and completed advanced training in anesthesia at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford and at Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  • Dr. Calcaterra is one of only a handful of general dentists with a license from the state to perform IV Sedation (always make sure your dentist has a sedation license.)
  • Our Orange, CT office exceeds the safety requirements necessary to perform dentistry under anesthesia in Connecticut.
  • Our broad experience in all phases of dentistry allows us to be able to perform almost any dental procedure under IV sedation at a reasonable cost.
Happy patient of Connecticut's best sedation dentist

A Google review from one of hundreds of our happy sedation patients!

Our extensive experience is what sets us apart. Now, while we can’t help you overcome a fear of spiders or flying in an airplane, we can help you overcome your dental fears and get you smiling again. Our goal is to be Connecticut’s best sedation dental office.

Our Sedation Resources

Want to learn more? Here are some of the resources we’ve put together for you to learn more and see why our office is considered Connecticut’s premier sedation office.

  1. View video testimonials of our own patients – Jennifer, Helen, Leslie, Adriana, and Jen – who were sedated in our office and talk about their experiences.
  2. Which is better – oral or IV sedation? We answer the question in great detail.
  3. Want to see a list of all the licensed sedation dentists in Connecticut! Hint: if they’re not on this list, they don’t have a license, and you don’t want to call them.
  4. How much does sedation dentistry cost? We answer this and whether insurance will cover it on this page.
  5. Learn about the medications – primarily midazolam and fentanyl – that we use in our IV cases.
  6. Learn about how we use IV sedation for two of the most commonly feared dental procedure: tooth extractions and root canals.
  7. Scared of the IV? See how we can make the IV start painless in this awesome video.
  8. Want to learn how the process works? We have a detailed guide of how we do it in our office.
  9. We review all the types of sedation and anesthesia used in dental offices.
  10. Read about the most common reasons we’ve seen for why patients desire sedation for dental procedures.
  11. Were you sedated by Dr. Thomas Peltzer of Plainville? Learn about his untimely passing and how we can help.
  12. Learn about the rigorous requirements to earn a license to administer IV twilight anesthesia in Connecticut and how to see if your dentist has one. Or learn what kind of dentist can put you to sleep – so you can determine if you’re in good hands.
  13. Are you allergic to local anesthetics? Did you experience an adverse reaction to a “-caine” anesthetic? Dr. Nick is one of the few dentists in the entire U.S. treating -caine allergic patients with benadryl as a local anesthetic combined with IV sedation. Learn more about this here.

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