Leslie’s Twilight Sedation Dentistry Video Review

Leslie – who lives just one town over from us in Milford – was terrified of the dentist and avoided dental care for several years due to fear. In this video review, you will see how we were able to help her overcome her fears with IV twilight sedation and now she is pain free, smiling, and is no longer scared!

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Transcript of Leslie’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Leslie: Being afraid of the dentists is normal, and here I am today I’m back, back again!

Dr. Calcaterra: I’m Dr. Nick Calcaterra and we just heard from Leslie who joked about being back again, and that’s because we sedated her not just once, but two times. Let’s hear more from her.

Leslie: It began one night I was in severe pain. I waited the entire weekend because I was too afraid to call and make the appointment because I haven’t been to the dentist in years. I don’t like the dentist experience. Growing up being young, I had some bad experiences, but when I came here to see Dr. Nick it turned out that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He sat with me for about an hour before I actually opened up my mouth for him to look to see what’s going on. It turned out I had to get my tooth pulled. I refused to get it pulled unless he could guarantee me I can have it pulled basically being sedated.

Dr. Calcaterra: Leslie was terrified of the dentist. Her many anxieties kept her away for years, even though she knew there were multiple things brewing inside her mouth. She came to us based on a recommendation of a friend who knew we were experts in IV and Oral Sedation Dentistry. Let’s listen to Leslie describe her sedation experience with us.

Leslie: It’s a straight forward simple step before, during and after. I would do it again. I thought in the beginning I would have remembered something, but I don’t remember anything. It wasn’t that bad at all as I thought, even after the procedure. I think the office also helps alleviate that anxiety of coming to the dentist. But I think I would also try not doing it (sedation). It helped me with the anxiety, but I can probably try not being sedated for a filling.

Dr. Calcaterra: Leslie confirmed what we see for nearly all of our sedation patients. She doesn’t remember a thing about her sedation. That is one of many ways that we can define success with sedation dentistry. But we can also define success this way: after we successfully sedate a patient and completed his/her treatment, that patient frequently comes back with many of those fears now being gone. Remember how Leslie said she was so scared she wouldn’t allow me to look in her mouth for over an hour? Let’s see how Leslie is now.

Dr. Calcaterra: Before we sedated Leslie (twice) she was too scared to even allow me to look into her mouth. Now because of the sedation she is comfortable enough to allow me to do an exam and be totally confident is that correct?

Leslie: Yes, yeah.

Dr. Nick: But if we had to pull a tooth, would you want sedation?

Leslie: Definitely.

Dr. Calcaterra: But for a filling you think you’d be OK?

Leslie: Yes, I do.

Dr. Nick: OK, perfect, well everything looks pretty good.

Leslie: OK, great!