White Spot Treatment

Photo of white spots on teeth that we treat conservatively in our Orange and West Haven CT dentist office

White Spots. We can usually treat without needles! Photo by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

White spots are areas of discolored enamel most frequently seen on the front teeth. There are numerous causes for white spots. Inadequate home hygiene during orthodontic treatment (braces) is the most common reason.

Drs. Nicholas and Carla Calcaterra are among the few dentists in Connecticut and the only in Orange successfully treating white spots in a conservative manner. While many dentists simply suggest veneers or crowns, we are frequently able to eliminate the white spots in a minimally invasive fashion. This means:

  • No need for expensive porcelain.
  • No needles!
  • No drilling!
  • No filling!

We accomplish this by utilizing a new but proven cosmetic dental procedure. We regenerate the subsurface discolored enamel using a product called MI Paste over one or more in-office sessions using a patient-specific protocol.

Before and After Photos of White Spots

Want to learn more? Seeing is believing! Below are two cases completed in our Orange, CT office:

Non invasive white spot treatment before and after photos at the dentist after braces and orthodontics

White Spot Treatment on a patient from Milford, CT. Treatment and photos by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra. Clicking on the image will yield a larger version.

In the above case, this was a 15 year old female from Milford, CT. She had minor white spots present before orthodontics. When the braces came off, she had significant spots from the brackets. Treatment included 4 sessions in our office in Orange, CT as well as at home use of MI paste. The results speak for themselves!

Before and after photos of MI paste to treat white spots on teeth after braces by dentist in Orange and Woodbridge, CT

White and Brown spot case performed with two 30 minute in office sessions and at home use of MI Paste. Case and photos by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

In the above case, you can see the almost complete elimination of the horizontal white bands near the gum area as well as a great reduction in the size and darkness of the brown spots. This was completed with two 30 minute in office sessions along with home use of MI paste. Remember: this was completed with no needles, no drilling, no filling!

What are White Spots?

White spots are areas of tooth enamel that are more opaque (also called “chalky”) due to changes in the underlying enamel. White spots do not necessarily mean that the tooth is decayed or has a cavity. There are many reasons for white spots, including:

  • Poor home care during orthodontic treatment.
  • Elevated levels of systemic fluoride while the teeth are forming, leading to a condition called fluorosis.
  • Infections of the baby tooth which can cause damage to the enamel of the developing adult tooth.
  • One or more fevers during the early childhood years when the adult teeth are developing.
  • Fifty or more very rare genetic disorders.
  • And many other causes.

The Treatment Protocol for White Spots

Prior to beginning treatment, Dr. Nicholas or Carla Calcaterra will examine you in our Orange, CT office. We will ask very specific questions about the origin (if known) and history of the white spots. Understanding how the white spots formed is critical to achieve a successful treatment outcome. Once we have an understanding of how the white spots were formed, we will recommend a specific treatment regime involving one or more sessions.

The typical treatment regime then will consist of:

  • Pre-treatment photographs.
  • Polishing of the affected tooth surfaces (2-3 minutes).
  • Application of a conditioner to “open up” the enamel to allow it to be remineralized (20-60 seconds).
  • Application of the MI Paste where it sits for nearly 10 minutes.
  • Removal of the MI Paste.

What is missing from the above? Needles, numbing, drilling, and porcelain! None of those are required!

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