Dental Library

Dental Library showing photos and pictures of all things you see at the dentist

Welcome to our dental library

We have spent years answering our patients’ questions and taking high quality clinical photos and producing HD videos in order to explain dentistry and dental care better. The following is a compilation of our vast library of photographs. We hope these pages help to answer the many questions our patients have.

Cavities and Fillings

Dental Infections

  • Dental Abscess: What is a dental abscess and what do they look like?
  • Pericoronitis: What is pericoronitis and how is it treated?
  • Infected Lip Ring: I have a lip ring and I think it may be infected. What does it look like and how do I handle it?

Non-Infectious Dental and Oral Conditions

  • Canker Sores: I periodically get canker sores or aphthous ulcers. What do they look like and how do you treat them?
  • Cheek Biting: I think I am always biting the inside of my cheek. What happens if I do and how do we treat it?
  • Single Gray Tooth: I have a single gray tooth in the front of my mouth. Why did it happen and how is it treated?
  • Lip Biting: I bit my lip while I was numb at the dentist. What does it look like and how is it handled?
  • Dentigerous Cyst: What is a dentigerous cyst and how are they treated?
  • Dental Fluorosis: I have pits on my teeth and I see dark brown spots. Is this fluorosis?
  • Black Hairy Tongue: I have this raised black coating on my tongue and I smoke. What is it and how do I handle it?

Dental Anatomy

  • Supernumerary Teeth: What are supernumerary teeth and do I have them? Should I have them removed?
  • Mesiodens: What is a mesiodens?
  • Dental Operculum: My dentist says I have an operculum. What is it and why should I be concerned?
  • Tori and Torus: I have this bony bump on my palate. Is it cancer? What is it?
  • Mamelons: What are mamelons and how come I don’t have them anymore?
  • Gemination: I’ve never heard of gemination. What is it?

Dental Procedure Videos

The following show videos of procedures we have done in our office. If you are looking for patient testimonials, see this page. If you are squeamish and can’t handle dental and oral surgical procedures up close, don’t view these videos.