Dental Fluorosis

Dental fluorosis is a condition in which your teeth have a stained or chalky appearance as a result of excessive fluoride consumption during tooth development. Teeth with fluorosis can present in many different ways. Below are photos taken of a patient of ours:

Dental Fluorosis Photos

Detailed photo of dental fluorosis seen on adult incisor teeth

Dental Fluorosis seen on adult incisors. Photo Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

The above patient has teeth with a mottled or pitted appearance. In addition, there are subtle brown spots. The diagnosis was dental fluorosis.

Dental Fluorosis picture on lower teeth

Same patient with fluorosis on lower incisors. Photo Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

The photo above is of the same patient; these lower incisors have a mottled appearance.

Treatment for Dental Fluorosis

The treatment varies depending upon the severity, the location in the mouth, the presence of dental decay, and many other factors. Options can include:

  • Traditional white fillings can be done in areas where there are decay.
  • Dental bonding can be done on front teeth. Our experience shows that this can be effective for areas that are small to medium sized.
  • For small areas with chalky white spots, our revolutionary white spot treatment can be effective.
  • Larger areas can be very challenging to treat. In cases of large areas where the nerve is involved, a root canal is sometimes necessary. And then afterwards, all ceramic crowns are frequently needed.

Your dentist is your best resource to determine what options are available.