Kor Whitening

Since you’ve landed on this page, we’re going to assume that you know that Kor Whitening is the most powerful whitening solution out there. Hands down. Kor blows the pants off the other whitening solutions such as Opalescence and Zoom Whitening.

We are one of the few dental offices in all of Connecticut who routinely provide Kor Whitening and actually post our own amazing, un-retouched before and after teeth bleaching photos! Let’s look at a few deep bleaching cases done in our office in Orange, CT:

Kor Whitening Before and After Case 1

Kor Whitening Before and After photos at Orange, CT dentist

Our patient, a New Haven police officer, had tried every whitening system out there with no success. He was frustrated with the grey shadows and yellow color. We used the Kor Whitening system on him. No other treatment was rendered beyond Kor. We think the results speak for themselves. Photos and Kor Whitening done by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra in our office in Orange.

Kor Whitening Before and After Case 2

This patient had tried nearly every whitening solution until she learned about Kor. She came directly to us based on our expertise in this area:

Kor Whitening before and after done in Orange CT

Our 50 something patient had tried everything… and then she came to us. We think the results speak for themselves. Photos and whitening by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS

As the caption reads, the results speak for themselves.  She left our office a changed woman with a dazzling smile!

Note that many other offices have pages on Kor Whitening and then proceed to post before/after photos given to them by Kor. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with that – but we feel it is a bit misleading and disingenuous. Achieving the above results (and the results seen in the stock Kor photos) requires skill, precision, and practice. Not all offices have made the investment in materials and training to achieve the results. We have.

About Kor Whitening

In our office, we jokingly call it “whitening on steroids.” While this may have a negative connotation associated with it, we feel it is accurate. Please note there are no anabolic steroids used in the procedure though!

Over the years, we’ve seen many patients do traditional in-office whitening. The results, quite frankly, were underwhelming. Some were unhappy when they left. Others arrived home and then thought “I just paid $$$ for whitening and my teeth aren’t white!!”

While we still do traditional in-office whitening, we will typically propose Kor Whitening to patients under these circumstances:

  1. He/she was unsucccessful or unhappy with previous whitening attempts.
  2. He/she is considered difficult due to the nature of the stain (fluorosis, tetracycline, some cases of white spots, dark spots due to age, etc.)

What does Kor Whitening involve?

In order to achieve the dramatic results, seen above, the process requires more steps from both you (the patient) and us than other bleaching systems. In general, the following steps are followed:

  • Specialized impressions for custom fit trays (note these trays are WAY different than the trays used for traditional systems).
  • An in-office visit to try-in the trays and to “prime” your teeth.
  • At home whitening done by you.
  • An in-office whitening session.

Each and every case is unique. We will discuss your previous whitening attempt and develop a customized Kor Whitening solution for you.

reqInterested in Kor Whitening? Have you tried other whitening solutions without success? We can help. Call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.