Patient Video Testimonials

We are proud to have several patients provide testimonials on their specific experiences in our office. Feel free to browse through these videos to learn how we’ve helped many patients with their dental needs. Directly below is a quick list with links to all the testimonials:

  1. Sedation Dentistry – Leslie’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial.
  2. Sedation Dentistry – Helen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial.
  3. Sedation Dentistry – Jen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial.
  4. Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Liz’s IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Extraction Journey.
  5. Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Maddie’s Reactions to her IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Odyssey.
  6. Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Ryan’s Renegade Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial.
  7. Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Jennifer’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial.
  8. Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Jesse’s Country Music Wisdom Teeth IV Sedation Video.
  9. Regular Teeth Extractions – Deanna’s IV Sedation Tooth Extraction Adventure.
  10. Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth – Adrianna’s Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth IV Sedation Extravaganza.
  11. Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth – Jermaine’s Jerk Chicken Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth IV Sedation Video.
  12. Cosmetic Dentistry – Christie’s Smile Transformation Testimonial.

Leslie’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Leslie was terrified of the dentist and avoided dental care for several years due to fear until she had unbearable pain. We were able to help her with IV sedation and now she is pain free, smiling, and is no longer scared!

Above is the embedded YouTube video. For a page with the complete transcript of Leslie’s experience, you can go here.

Helen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Helen was very scared of coming to the dentist. Using sedation, we were able to complete her treatment, and she doesn’t remember anything (except one aspect!). Her laugh and infectious smile shows you that she’s comfortable coming now.

Doesn’t Helen have an infectious laugh? To read the full transcript, you can go here.

Jen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Jennifer described anything related to the dentist as giving her the “heebie-jeebies!” Listen to her describe how she was able to overcome her fears with IV sedation.

The entire transcript, including stories about spiders, heights, and mice, is available here.

Liz’s IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Extraction Journey

Using actual footage from Liz’s wisdom teeth surgical procedure with IV sedation, see her entire journey:

See the transcript of this kick-butt video testimonial here!

Maddie’s Reaction to her IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Extraction Odyssey

Observe Maddie as she watches footage of her IV sedation wisdom teeth procedure. She didn’t remember any of it!

See the full video and transcript of the video here.

Ryan’s Renegade Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial

Ryan gives us the blow-by-blow details of his wisdom teeth extraction experience – even though with the IV sedation he doesn’t remember a thing!

Ryan had a blast doing this testimonial! So did we. To see the full transcript you can go here.

Jennifer’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial

Jennifer needed her wisdom teeth removed. Using IV sedation along with extreme care, her surgery and subsequent healing went without a hitch! Hear Jennifer describe her experience.

The full transcript is available here.

Jesse’s Country Music Wisdom Teeth Sedation

Jesse loves country music. And he needed to get his wisdom teeth out. Why not get them removed and talk about country music?

The full description of Jesse’s adventure is located here.

Deanna’s IV Sedation Tooth Extraction Adventure

Deanna needed a broken upper molar extracted. Fear of the procedure made her avoid it for several years. The prospect of IV sedation made her willing to go ahead with the procedure. Follow Deanna on her adventure – from waking up that morning to arriving at the office to the actual procedure with sedation – and then hear her talk about afterwards.

The full transcript of her adventure is found here.

Adrianna’s Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth Extravaganza

Adrianna needed a root canal, a filling, and her four wisdom teeth extracted. She came to us – the only private office in the state of Connecticut who could do everything for under IV sedation utilizing her Husky insurance.

Adrianna had a lot of fun during the procedure (it may have had something to do with the IV sedation medications). Click here for a full synopsis of her experience.

Jermaine’s Jerk Chicken Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth Sedation Video

Jermaine loves jerk chicken. We learned that when we sedated him to do a root canal and remove his wisdom teeth.

Did Jermaine eat jerk chicken the next day? He was feeling good enough to do so. Click here for a full story of his experience.

Christie’s Smile Transformation Testimonial

Christie came to us with a problem – she never smiled! We fixed that with veneers! Learn how:

We hope you enjoyed the above video testimonial. For a complete transcript of Christie’s video, you can go here. Or for detailed photos from our Smile Gallery, you can go here.