Christie’s Smile Transformation Testimonial

Christie never smiled because she had a poorly colored and shaped front tooth. We fixed it with veneers!

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Transcript of Christie’s Smile Transformation Testimonial

Christie: I couldn’t smile, I never felt comfortable. I had a way of covering my teeth with my upper lip. I put my hand in front of my mouth.

Dr. Calcaterra: I’m Dr. Nick Calcaterra. We just heard from one of our patients Christie. Before we did our smile transformation on her, when she would smile, which was in fact quite rare, it would look something like this (imitates upper lip covering teeth) She simply would not show her teeth.  Now she shows her teeth all the time. Let’s hear more from her.

Christie: I had an unfortunate incident in my thirties and I had a cap placed. So that cap was 30 years old or more when I came here and it no longer matched. It was years and years that I had endured. And now, I forget sometimes that I don’t have to worry about that anymore and I can actually smile and be proud of that smile and enjoy my looks.  I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror after Dr. Calcaterra did my dental work. I no longer cringe when someone takes my picture, I can smile and enjoy my smile. I’m a nurse and I work in a field where I’m with people all the time and I like to smile and make them feel comfortable. And I now feel comfortable doing that after all these years of trying to hide my teeth which were very unattractive. I’m thrilled today to say that I go to work, I smile, my patients smile back. I’m so happy with this, I can’t even express the change it’s made in my life.

Dr. Calcaterra: Wow that was an amazing transformation. Christie basically went from one side of the spectrum to the other. She began here (hand gesture left side) before her transformation she would never smile, she was constantly hiding her teeth behind her lips or hands and was always worries about her appearance. We then brought her to this side of the spectrum (hand gesture to the right side) Now, she is always smiling, she’s enjoying her looks and is comfortable and confident with her appearance. In short, her new smile has made a dramatic change in her life. We are glad we had the opportunity to help her achieve that change. We’ll listen to some final thoughts from Christie.

Christie: I would and I have recommended Calcaterra Family Dentistry to my family and my friends. I wouldn’t hesitate telling anyone considering a new dentist or dentistry they can trust and have faith they will be well taken care of. This is the place to come, Calcaterra Family Dentistry.