Dental Cleanings

Photo or Picture of inflamed gums or gingivitis on patients at dentist office West Haven and New Haven CT

Photo of patient who has gingivitis or early stage gum disease. This patient had not had a cleaning (adult prophylaxis) in three years. She resides in West Haven, CT. Photo by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

A dental cleaning, more formally referred to as an adult prophylaxis, is a routine procedure in our office in Orange, CT. Many patients do not know what prophylaxis means. Prophylaxis originates Greek and translates into “prevention of or protective treatment for disease.”

The objective of a dental cleaning is to prevent dental disease.  The two primary disease are dental decay and periodontal disease (a.k.a. gum disease).  The patient to the left had a mild form of gum disease and was able to be treated with a “regular cleaning” (adult prophylaxis). Patients with more severe gum disease require different types of treatment (called periodontal care).

What to expect at your dental cleaning appointment
dental cleanings in Orange, CT

Our experienced hygienists Crystal and Toni with Drs. Nick and Carla Calcaterra.

Cleanings in our Orange, CT dental practice are done by our gentle hygienists Crystal and Toni. You can expect the following:

  • Gentle removal of all plaque and tartar above and below the gums.
  • Removal of the majority of the stain that accumulates on your teeth.
  • Polishing of the teeth with a fluoridated paste.
  • Review of brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Examination of the gum tissue and recording of probing depths.
  • Dental x-rays when necessary.
  • Screening for oral cancer.
  • Fluoride treatment if necessary.
  • A thorough exam afterwards by Drs. Nicholas or Carla Calcaterra.

For those patients with either gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease, we offer a gluten free prophy paste to use.  The gluten free paste is called Kolorz and is made by DMG America. Information on this special paste can be found on their website. Several patients from both Woodbridge, CT and New Haven, CT specifically come to our practice because of our gluten free paste.

As the name prophylaxis implies, routine visits for cleanings help to prevent dental disease. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit this page.