Digital X-Rays

Digital Radiography is probably one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the past fifty years.  This reason for this significance is because digital dental x-rays expose the patient is approximately 50% to 75% less radiation than traditional x-rays. We were one of the first dental offices in Orange, CT to implement this important technology.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays:

Digital X-ray showing teeth with resorption and cavities from dentists in Orange and Woodbridge, CT

Digital X-ray taken in our Orange, CT dental office.

  • reduction in radiation exposure as explained above and here.
  • Faster processing time allowing our dentists and hygienists to see the image within seconds of the exposure.  There is no need to wait 10 minutes for the films to be developed.
  • Secure backup of the dental images on our servers and stored in a secure HIPAA compliant facility.  The x-rays are stored digitally just like our intraoral pictures.
  • No more messy chemicals used in traditional film processing.  The numerous chemicals required special handling and disposal.  If disposed improperly, the chemicals could cause environmental damage.  This risk is no longer present with digital x-rays.
  • Allows for expedited insurance claim submission as we are able to submit your x-rays digitally to your dental insurance company.
  • Image enhancement capabilities such as the ability to change the contrast or adjust the brightness, allowing for better diagnoses.
  • Allows us to instantly send radiographs securely to the specialists with whom we work.  This allows them to learn more about your case prior to your consult with them.

For those who gag on taking x-rays, we have the advanced technology of extraoral bitewings. We can take high quality digital x-rays with an object the size of a nickel between your front teeth. Visit this page for more information.

We have dedicated a special page to explain how the reduction in radiation is possible as well as comparisons of dental x-rays versus other sources of radiation.