Jennifer’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Video Testimonial

Our patient Jennifer from West Haven had all four of her wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Nick Calcaterra with IV Sedation. Watch and listen to her talk about her experience in our office in this video.

Third molar extraction consultation request with IV sedation.

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Transcript of Jennifer’s Third Molar Removal Testimonial


Dr. Calcaterra: Welcome back Jennifer, how are you doing today?

Jennifer: I’m doing good today, tired, working.

Dr. Calcaterra: So we took out your wisdom teeth about a year and a half ago, right?

Jennifer: Yeah, I think so. I don’t remember a lot.

Dr. Calcaterra: I remember the procedure. It’s important for me to remember. It’s important for you to not remember anything. So you don’t remember anything of the procedure?

Jennifer: I don’t remember anything of the procedure.

Dr. Calcaterra: I’m Dr. Nick Calcaterra. Jennifer does not remember much of her wisdom teeth experience. We’ll talk about why that’s the case shortly. But for now, we’ll listen to more from her.

Dr. Calcaterra: (looking at Jennifer) So, you didn’t feel any pain did you?

Jennifer: I didn’t feel any pain. After I went home I just felt better.

Dr. Calcaterra: Did your family make fun of you?

Jennifer: No. I wasn’t droopy or anything. I was just fine and after that I went to a party.

Dr. Calcaterra: You went to a barbecue after?

Jennifer: Yeah, I went to a barbecue.

Dr. Calcaterra: Do you remember much of the barbecue?

Jennifer: No, I was just zoned out.

Dr. Calcaterra: So we did the sedation, and do you remember arriving here?

Jennifer: I don’t remember how I got here.

Dr. Calcaterra: OK. And you don’t remember any of the procedure?

Jennifer: No I don’t remember anything with the procedure.

Dr. Calcaterra: And what did we do again?

Jennifer: You took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth.

Dr. Calcaterra: Yeah. I remember your mother was in the waiting room.

Jennifer: She was?

Dr. Calcaterra: Well I remember, I’m supposed to remember. You’re not supposed to remember that.

Jennifer: I would be too scared to get my wisdom teeth out without the sedation, so I got the sedation.

Dr. Calcaterra: Jennifer does not recall very much and that is because of two reasons. First, since we did the procedure under IV sedation, she was in a twilight state the entire time, and thus remembers nothing of the wisdom teeth removal itself. Secondly, her healing was uneventful and virtually pain free. Remember, she went to a barbecue after surgery. Think about it, if you had your wisdom teeth removed under IV sedation and had no pain afterwards, you’d forget about it to. And that’s exactly what we want. Let’s listen to Jennifer talk more about our office.

Dr. Calcaterra: What do you like most about coming here?

Jennifer: The staff and everyone else working here are friendly, they always ask how you’ve been and you feel like you’re part of the family.