Deanna’s IV Sedation Tooth Extraction Adventure Video

In this video, you follow Deanna for the entire process of her tooth extraction with IV sedation. It begins with her waking up that morning and taking a valium to relax her. She then arrives at our office and you see her getting ready. Using several camera angles and a GoPro unit, you see parts of the sedation and the surgery. The video closes with Deanna summarizing her experience in an interview a couple of months later.

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Transcript of Deanna’s IV Sedation Tooth Extraction Adventure

Cyndi: Do you remember the numbing?

Deanna: No, no I don’t remember.

Deanna: (In car ride) So we’re on our way to the office to have my extraction. Looking forward to it. I’m not very nervous right now I took my valium almost an hour ago. And I’m looking forward to the procedure.

Dr. Nick: So, you feel pretty relaxed?

Deanna: Yes, very relaxed.

Dr. Nick: And you took the medication this morning?

Deanna: I did take it this morning.

Dr. Nick: Did you feel that kicking in on the way over?

Deanna: Yes, well, when I was leaving my house I felt it kick in.

Dr. Nick: Alright, and how was the drive?

Deanna: Fun!

Dr. Nick: You weren’t driving, no she wasn’t driving obviously.

Deanna: No (laughs) but it was good though.

IV start

Dr. Nick: OK, so I’m here, will you marry me?

Deanna: (laughing) yes!

Cyndi: That was fast!

Dr. Nick: Does that make you more nervous?

Deanna: Well my husband is sitting right there! (points to husband)

Cyndi: It’s her second time around. Nice and relaxed ok??

Dr. Nick: OK, so how are you feeling?

Deanna: I’m feeling good.

Dr. Nick: Are you ready?

Deanna: I’m ready.

Dr. Nick: Alright good, so we got the IV in and we’re going nice and slowly here.

Dr. Nick: How you doing d? (shakes arm)

Deanna: I’m doing good.

Dr. Nick: You were snoring a little bit.

Deanna: I was? (giggles)

Dr. Nick: It’s OK you can go back to that place.

Deanna: I bet. (falls back asleep)

Deanna’s Husband James: Are you awake D?

Deanna: Am I awake? Well, yeah.

James: (giggles)

Deanna: I could really go for a cheese burger right now…. Fries, extra pickles!

Dr. Nick: I could use that right now.

Cyndi: yeah!

Surgery starts

Dr. Nick: I’m giving her an injection and she doesn’t even feel it. She’s nice and sedated.

Surgery over

Dr. Nick: Throat pack is out.

Cyndi: Ghost is in.

Cyndi and Dr. Nick: Open big D! and bite! OK, all done.

Dr. Nick: OK, how are you feeling?

Deanna: I’m feeling OK.

Dr. Nick: Good, we took all the monitors off. You feel like you’re ready to go home?

Deanna: I feel OK, yeah, to go home.

Dr. Nick: OK, you hungry?

Deanna: I’m hungry.

Dr. Nick: Me too! You made me work hard.

They both laugh.

Interview with Deanna

My name is Deanna and I’m from Ansonia. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Calcaterra for about 2 and a half years and my husband also comes to this office.

Prior to getting my procedure done I had not done any research as this was a subject that did make me anxious and hesitant.

I was very excited when I found out that Dr. Calcaterra did offer the sedation. It did push me to get my tooth removed.

The night before I was offered some Valium since I was nervous about the procedure. I took the valium and slept very well. The next day when I woke up, I was actually looking forward to getting my tooth removed since it had been bothering me for quite some time.

When I went into the office everyone was, you know, welcoming and made me feel comfortable and answered any questions that I may have had. So, my husband gave me a ride into the office that day and I do remember getting into the chair. Dr. Calcaterra and Cyndi had explained to me exactly what they were going to do before they did it, so that definitely put me at ease.

As soon as they started to sedate me everything went a little foggy, I was conscious for that part. It was almost like being in a dream. I do remember them speaking to me. My husband as well. Apparently, I had asked for a hamburger or a cheese burger, I do not recall that at all. But I do remember feeling very relaxed and set at ease.

When I did finally come to after the procedure, everything was a little foggy. I do recall getting out of the chair. I did need a little assistance walking. I remember it being very euphoric and excited that my tooth was finally gone. And that everything had come to fruition since it had been a couple years in the making with this.

On the ride home I don’t remember too, too much. I do remember my husband going to pick up my prescription. When I got home I took my prescription and had no pain whatsoever. I did take a nap. Other than that, everything was very comforting, I did not have any pain.

I definitely recommend IV Sedation with Dr. Calcaterra and his staff. They made the procedure seamless, painless and like I said I was hesitant and uncomfortable beforehand about this procedure. They did a great job and I’m happy that I came here. It was a very positive experience.

Cyndi: Thank you!

Deanna: You’re welcome!