Adrianna’s Husky Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth Extravaganza

Our patient Adrianna, who has Husky insurance, had been coming to us for nearly two years. We had been telling her about her needs, which included getting her wisdom teeth removed and needing a root canal. She wanted the procedures to be completed under IV Sedation. Insurance was not an issue as Husky covered the procedures 100%.  As the only office in the entire state of Connecticut participating with Husky insurance who could sedate her for her wisdom teeth and do a root canal at the same time, we were happy to oblige.

Adrianna, who was initially reluctant to being on camera, allowed us to document her procedures on video. But as the camera started rolling, and as the IV medications started to kick in, she was a natural!

Adrianna’s Husky Root Canal and Wisdom Teeth Video

See below which shows the embedded YouTube video of Adrianna’s experience with us:

The above video, which clocks in at close to 8 minutes, shows the blow-by-blow action of her busy sedation dentistry day in our Orange, CT office.

Details of Adrianna’s Husky Sedation Video

The video of Adrianna shows many aspects of her procedure. We must note that the nearly 8 minutes compressed several hours worth of footage, including the procedure and post-operative interview. Some details:

  • We completed a root canal, a filling, and extraction of all four of her wisdom teeth.
  • She does not remember much of that long day (ahh… the beauty of sedation dentistry).
  • Because she was only 19 and because we are experts at Husky State of Connecticut insurance for patients twenty and younger, her Husky insurance covered it at 100%.
  • Dr. Nick Calcaterra performed the dental procedures and the IV sedation.
  • We are currently the only office in the state of Connecticut who routinely can provide IV sedation for both wisdom teeth and non-surgical procedures (fillings, root canals, etc.) under IV sedation for Husky patients ages 20 and younger.

And guess what? Adrianna still comes to see us. And she’s referred many of her friends to us, with and without Husky insurance. We take that as the greatest compliment!

Wisdom Teeth and Root Canal on Husky state of CT insurance

Are you interested in having many procedures performed under IV Sedation? Do you want to be one our many dental YouTube stars? If yes, click here to request an appointment or call us at (203) 799 – 2929. Please note that we only participate with Husky for patients ages 20 and younger.