Helen’s Twilight Sedation Dentistry Video Testimonial

Our patient Helen from Orange describes in great detail her twilight sedation dentistry experience in our office. Helen’s infectious laugh and smile are a reminder that you can overcome your dental fears and get the care you need!

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Transcript of Helen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Helen: When I opened up my eyes you and John were giggling at me and I said “What are you doing in my kitchen?” I thought you were in my kitchen! I wish I could tell you about my sedation with Dr. Calcaterra but I don’t remember anything.

Dr. Calcaterra: I’m Dr. Nick Calcaterra and I can assure you I was not in Helen’s kitchen that day. We were here in this office where we’ve completed hundreds of sedations. Let’s listen to Helen talk more about her sedation experience here in this office.

Dr. Calcaterra: So, do you remember what procedures we did Helen?

Helen: Well, I remember I had a tooth removed and a gum procedure.

Dr. Calcaterra: You remember that because I told you, right?

Helen: Right, right.

Dr. Calcaterra: If I hadn’t told you, would you have remembered?

Helen: No, not at all.

Dr. Calcaterra: You remember me telling you that you needed the work a couple weeks before the sedation appointment. We agreed to sedate you. We sedated you…

Helen: I insisted you sedated me!

Dr. Calcaterra: You don’t remember anything. But afterwards you know what we did obviously.

Helen: Right, right.

Dr. Calcaterra: If you needed some extensive dental work again, would you be sedated?

Helen: Oh yes, I would be very comfortable with it.

Dr. Calcaterra: OK, would your husband make fun of you again?

Helen: Yeah.

Dr. Calcaterra: Who else made fun of you?

Helen: Well, my grandson and others, you giggled.

Dr. Calcaterra: Well yeah, I get to giggle every now and then.

Helen: Absolutely.

Dr. Calcaterra: As you can see, we like to have fun in this office. We made light of the fact that Helen doesn’t remember anything of her visit. Except the fact that she thought I was in her kitchen that day! But on a more serious note as you see, sedation allowed Helen to receive dental care she normally would have avoided. So instead of being in constant pain and never smiling, Helen is now pain free, always smiling, and loves to laugh.

Helen: Bad experience as a child so, I’m very fearful, but I have no fear here. If I couldn’t have sedation to do the work, I definitely would have delayed it. Definitely I would think twice.

Dr. Calcaterra: And things would have probably gotten worse.

Helen: Yes, unfortunately.

Dr. Calcaterra: You wouldn’t have such a beautiful smile like you have now.

Helen: Right, right, thanks to you!

Dr. Calcaterra: Your welcome!

Helen: I’m glad that I have you to come to, and a dentist that I trust and feel very comfortable with. Otherwise, I would be in trouble. I wouldn’t be as eager to come to a dentist and get the work that I need done. I would suffer and be in pain potentially. So, I’m very happy with Dr. Calcaterra.

Helen: Being sedated with Dr.Calcaterra helped me get these procedures done. Helped me have no fear of any potential work in the future.