Smile Transformation With Veneers

Pre-op veneer photo of Christie

This is Christie smiling for us before we began her case. She is smiling because she knows we are about to fix her teeth!

Our patient Christie suffered for many years with a bad smile. It was so bad, she would hide her teeth when she smiled – if she smiled at all!

This is what she said in our video testimonial of her:

“I couldn’t smile, I never felt comfortable. I had a way of covering my teeth with my upper lip. I put my hand in front of my mouth… I had an unfortunate incident in my thirties and I had a cap placed. So that cap was 30 years old or more when I came here and it no longer matched.”

It might be hard to believe, but Christie’s case is quite common.

We’ve helped many patients with mismatched front crowns, yellow teeth, and uneven smiles. And Christie was one of them.

It took Christie a long time – many years in fact – to work up the courage to have us address her concerns.

Here is a pre-op close up shot of what she looked like:

poorly matched front dental crown.

Christie before we began to work on her. It is very easy to notice the crown – it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Seeing Christie smile above, it is clear why she felt self conscious and often did not smile. Would you smile if this were you?

After analyzing her case, we ultimately selected 1 cosmetic crown and 3 porcelain veneers for her four front teeth. The veneers and crown would accomplish several things:

  • Allow for a uniform shade that blends in nicely with her other teeth.
  • Allow for an even edges that blend in nicely.
  • Eliminate the black line at the gum line with this crown (this is not visible in the above photo).

Christie accepted our treatment recommendations. And then we began. This is what she looked like 5 week later:

Before and after veneers and crowns photo

Christie’s new smile. You can’t even tell there are crowns on the front teeth. Photos and Dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

Wow! This is what Christie said in her video testimonial:

“I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror after Dr. Calcaterra did my dental work. I no longer cringe when someone takes my picture, I can smile and enjoy my smile. I’m a nurse and I work in a field where I’m with people all the time and I like to smile and make them feel comfortable.”

While we like close-up shots of teeth, most people like to see smiling faces. So we’ll end this Smile Gallery Case this way:

Christie before and after veneer and crown photos.

Christie smiles all the time! Photos and dentistry Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra