Ryan’s Renegade Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial

Our patient – Renegade Ryan – gives us the low-down on his wisdom teeth extraction experience with IV sedation in our office. For Ryan, the ONLY negative was having to fast the night before because of the twilight sedation!

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Transcript of Ryan’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial

Ryan: What is going on guys???! How’s my favorite staff at Calcaterra Family Dentistry!

Hi, my name is Ryan, I grew up in Orange. I currently live in Milford, but making the commute to Calcaterra Family Dentistry is definitely worth it.

I was a little skeptical, as anybody would be finding out they need their wisdom teeth removed. I’m 21 years old and right around that age range you’re going to have to get your wisdom teeth taken out. And I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube, a lot of cases for my friends being messy and a really bad situation but, the I.V. Sedation and wisdom teeth extraction from Calcaterra Family Dentistry was absolutely amazing and spot-on.

The night before I couldn’t really eat anything, I guess that was the only downfall, but in the morning I was given some medication to help me relax. I walked in and the staff was very, very welcoming. I really do not remember anything of a I.V. sedation, but I was told that happened. Yeah, I really didn’t feel like anything happened! It was a great, great experience.

Dr. Nick: So Ryan, we did the wisdom teeth extractions about a year and a half ago right?

Ryan: Oh yeahhh.

Dr. Nick: Do you remember much of that?

Ryan: Not really, to be honest, I thought I would on the ride home, but as soon as I got home and took my hefty 5 hour nap, I do not remember a single thing.

Dr. Nick: OK, well that’s the way we like it, we don’t want you to remember anything.

Ryan: Oh yeah, definitely.

Dr. Nick: And the healing was pretty uneventful?

Ryan: Oh yeah, like I said you guys gave me a packet. You guys were pretty much taking care of me while I was at home, and you guys were still in the office, which I really liked. The healing process couldn’t have gone any smoother, and just the professionalism I love!

Dr.Nick: OK, well we strive to be very professional. So, you said you had friends who’ve had their wisdom teeth removed and it was such a good experience for them?

Ryan: Oh yeah, I had several friends who have had theirs removed and they said it was very messy and uncomfortable experience for them in which for me personally I didn’t experience, which I’m very happy for and appreciated for.

Dr. Nick: OK, yeah, and I remember talking to both your parents and they were very, very happy.

Ryan: Oh yeah, Mike and Jenn were very, very happy you know, because parents, they are paying for this obviously, so they want their kid feels comfortable and they know they’re going to get the right care.

Dr.Nick: OK, good. So, Ryan! If Jack from Jack and the beanstalk comes, takes his magic beans, throws them in your mouth and you grow four more wisdom teeth! Would you get them removed here with sedation??

Ryan: Oh most definitely! The Calcaterra Family Dentistry they took great care of me throughout the entire procedure. The healing process was quick and fast, pretty much painless. I would definitely have it done again.

Dr. Nick: OK, well hopefully he doesn’t do that, hopefully he throws his magic beans and something else grows.

Ryan: Hopefully Dr. Nick, Hopefully!