Liz’s IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Journey

In this video – posted on Youtube – we see Liz’s wisdom teeth procedure using IV sedation. We also see (and hear) from her several weeks after the procedure to learn about her experience and how she remembers nothing! We also removed her sister’s wisdom teeth 18 months earlier.

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Transcript of Liz’s IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Journey

Liz- I would be so much more comfortable knowing I would be under IV Sedation. I’m Liz and I’m from Orange. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Calcaterra for about 5 years now.

Cyndi- How did you feel finding out you needed your wisdom teeth removed?

Liz- I felt OK about it, I knew that eventually they would have to come out. I was a little nervous but I knew Dr. Calcaterra would do a good job. What made me nervous was the pain. And I was scared that something would go wrong during the procedure that’s what gave me the most anxiety.

(Scene shifts to footage of the day of the procedure in the dental chair)

Dr. Nick- OK, how are we doing this morning?

Liz- Good.

Dr. Nick- Good, I know you were a bit nervous so we gave you some medication to take beforehand.

Liz- Yeah.

Dr. Nick- and you took those exactly one hour ago?

Liz- Yeah.

Dr. Nick- Having some trouble getting some words out?

Liz- No.

Dr. Nick- No??

Liz- Maybe. (laughs)

Dr. Nick- You were very nervous for your consult. Are you feeling less nervous now?

Liz-  Yesss.

Dr. Nick- Good.

Liz- If Dr. Calcaterra gave me the option to not use IV sedation I would still want to do it because I think that it really helped ease my anxiety and make the whole operation easy for me.  A lot of my friends haven’t had their wisdom teeth removed yet, but my sister had them removed by Dr. Calcaterra and she seemed to do really well after the operation, so that made me feel more comfortable.

I felt that Dr. Calcaterra really prepared me at the pre-op appointment. Everyone was taking my blood pressure, watching my vitals making sure I was ok and I felt really safe.

So, the night before the operation I was able to sleep very easily due to the medication and once I took the sedations meds again, I don’t remember much, but I remember coming in feeling calm and relaxed and ready to do the operation with Dr. Calcaterra.

Liz- I remember getting in the chair, and once I was on the chair the gas tube was put around my face I remember Dr. Calcaterra saying this is just oxygen right now and then that’s when I stopped remembering and I was just out after that.

Dr. Nick- You were asking about your blood pressure earlier and everything looks fine.

Liz- I was out??

Dr. Nick- What?

Liz- I’m sleeping.

Dr. Nick- Taking a little nap right there?

Liz- Yeah

Dr. Nick- OK, alright, want to go back to sleep?

Liz-  Yeah, more drugs.

Dr. Nick- What was that? More drugs? OK.

Dr. Nick- We’re getting you numb and you don’t even know it. That’s exactly what we want.

Liz- I can’t feel anything.

Cyndi- Perfect.

Liz-  Apparently, I had an itchy nose during the operation, I also wanted to make a phone call I guess. And then I was asking for some mango sherbet, which I do remember getting once I got home.

Cyndi- We’re totally done.

Liz- My heart rate is high!

Cyndi- It’s because you’re a little nervous right now, so you keep looking at it and getting nervous so it gets higher. Everything is fine.

Liz- My blood pressure is low!

Cyndi- That’s because your body is nice and relaxed.

Dr. Nick– We can get your blood pressure up, squeeze my finger , nice and hard. Try and hurt me, ouch.

Liz- Am I done? (hiccups) I don’t even know what that was? How long was I out? I don’t remember.

Cyndi- Perfect.

Dr. Nick- That’s what we want.

Liz- Were you shaking me?

Cyndi- Yup, and you were waking up every time. There were some head movements and some shaking that were done a whole bunch of times. (shakes Liz’s shoulder)

Liz- (dozed off)

Dr. Nick– OK, you can relax.

Liz- Oh, what? (wakes up)

Dr. Nick- Was that a little cat nap?

Liz- (shakes head yes)

Cyndi- Do you remember the car ride home?

Liz- I vaguely remember the car ride home.

Dr. Calcaterra and his staff gave me a booklet to take home and they also called to give me advise on what to do. So, I knew exactly what I could and could not eat or drink. So, I felt super prepared for the days I had to abide by those instructions and it made everything a lot easier.

I would recommend I.V. Sedation for anyone who needs their wisdom teeth out by Dr. Calcaterra and his staff.

Cyndi- Okay, nailed it.

Liz- Yay (thumbs up)