Jesse’s Country Music Wisdom Teeth Sedation Video

Our patient Jesse loves country music. And he was not afraid to talk about it, even when he was getting his wisdom teeth removed with IV sedation. He was a real natural in front of the camera. After you watch this video, we think you’ll agree.

Jess talked thing other than country music on this YouTube video. Like all of our IV sedation and teeth extraction videos, it was made in our office in Orange, CT with Dr. Nick Calcaterra performing the dentistry and IV sedation.

Let’s see how Jesse’s day played out:

You can view this video directly on YouTube or visit our amazing channel here.

Some notes about Jessie and the procedure:

  1. In IV sedation, some patients fall into a light sleep. Others, like Jesse, enter a “twilight state” in which he talks periodically. But Jessie has no memory of what happened. And he still does not know who Waylon Jennings is!
  2. Want to know the most common thing our patients talk about when they are emerging from sedation? FOOD! That’s not a scientific study. That’s just our observation after completing a couple of thousand sedations. And Jesse was no exception.

Request for wisdom teeth extraction with IV sedationDo you like country music AND need your wisdom teeth out? Then you can be the next Jesse! Seriously speaking, if you are interested in IV sedation for nearly any dental procedure – wisdom teeth, a root canal, crown, etc. – you’re at the right place. Call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.