Painless IV Starts in Sedation Dentistry Video

We’re used to seeing patients who are phobic or fearful of the dentist. What we also see quite frequently is a fear of needles (also called trypanophobia). This is all part of being one of the premier IV Sedation Dentistry offices in all of Connecticut.

But the fear of needles can take on two forms:

Some patients are only scared of needles in their mouth. They’re generally OK with a small prick in the arm of hand for the IV. But they still need and want sedation for dentistry.

Other patients are petrified of the IV. They dread getting their blood drawn. They’re known to pass out and/or cry uncontrollably at even thought of an IV. They’re almost as scared of the IV as they are of the dentistry!

We put together this video to show all of our sedation patients how we can make the IV process easy and painless. Check it out:

You can view our Painless IV Starts in Sedation Dentistry video directly on YouTube here or visit our YouTube channel to view our other videos.

Without giving too much away, the video has two parts:

  1. Two intravenous insertions on two of our patients – neither of whom were scared. In fact, for one of them, she wanted to watch (she’s also a nursing student). But, both of them wanted IV sedation for their procedure (wisdom teeth extractions).
  2. An IV start on a patient who is terrified of needles. In her case, we had discussed her needle phobia well in advance, and we’d implemented many strategies to ensure her IV was painless. We think we succeeded.

In all three cases, once the IV was in, we were able to get them into the twilight sedation state, and do the dentistry that needed to be done.

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Are you scared of needles? Do you pass out when getting blood drawn? Are you petrified of the dentist? Or something else? Or just want to be sedated for dental work? If yes, we’re the office for you! Call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.