Graphic Teeth Extraction Video

We shot this amazing video in HD showing the dramatic extraction of all the remaining teeth on one of our patients. This extraction video was filmed in our Orange, CT office with the patient under IV sedation. Dr. Nick Calcaterra performed both the oral surgery and provided the sedation.

Compared to other “teeth pulling” videos on YouTube, this is probably one of the highest quality videos available. You will literally feel like you are 6 inches away from the action. You will see the exact instruments used and how Dr. Nick Calcaterra was able to remove these teeth in an efficient and painless manner (although our patient was under IV sedation and numb – so he was not aware of the video camera nor the pulling).

Check out the embedded YouTube video below:

You can go directly to the video here or visit our amazing YouTube Channel.

At the conclusion of the video, we insert an immediate denture. Our patient walks out with a brand new smile. Because of the IV sedation, he remembers nothing of the procedure, and of course felt no pain.

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