Extreme Dental Calculus Removal Video

This video, shot in our office in Orange, CT, shows the dramatic removal of over twenty years worth of dental calculus. Our patient – who had severe dental phobia – put off going to the dentist for over twenty years. This resulted in an extremely large amount of dental calculus – also called tartar – accumulate on his teeth. By using IV sedation, we were able to accomplish treatment and get him back to dental health.

What makes this video different – and what has helped it gain over 1,200,000 YouTube views (as of 12/1/2018) in only five months – is the quality of the footage. You will actually think the calculus is going to come out of your screen and hit you in the face!

Click here to be brought to the YouTube video. Or you can visit our YouTube channel here to see all of our awesome videos!

There are several notes about the video:

  1. In only five months time, the video reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. That is unheard for a dental video!
  2. Because the patient was under IV Sedation, he felt no pain and remembered nothing of his visit.
  3. Quite surprisingly, there was no dental decay present underneath the massive amounts of calculus.

Please note that this an extreme example of what we see here in our Orange, CT office. We see lots of patients who have little to no dental needs!

appointment for extreme dental calculusHas it been ten or more years since your last cleaning? Do you have lots of tartar or plaque present? If yes, there is nothing to be ashamed of. We won’t judge you. And we won’t play 1990s boy band anthems when we treat you (unless you want us to). Call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.