Noninvasive Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction Video

The following is a high quality YouTube video of Dr. Nick Calcaterra removing a lower right impacted wisdom tooth.  We performed the extraction procedure here in our office in Orange with the patient under IV sedation. The patient is in her early 20s. The video is below. Note: although this is noninvasive, it is still surgery, so do not view the video if scenes of surgery make you uncomfortable.

You can go directly to the video here on YouTube or visit our channel.

A couple of notes about the video:

  1. The extraction itself took only 90 seconds.
  2. The patient was given local anesthetic prior to turning on the camera. Because she was numb, she felt no pain.
  3. Our patient was very still during the procedure. This is because of the IV sedation. It enabled us to work quickly to get the wisdom tooth removed as efficiently as possible.
  4. Because of the sedation, we were using gauze and other instruments to keep any debris away from her airway.

Lastly, because this soft tissue impacted wisdom tooth came out with such little fuss, the patient had virtually no pain the next day. And because of the sedation, she had no memory at all of the procedure! It was a win-win for everyone!

Do you need your wisdom tooth or teeth removed? Looking to have them removed as quickly and painlessly as possible? Interested in IV Sedation? If yes, call us at (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request a consultation with Dr. Nick Calcaterra.