Dr. David Becker

David Becker dentist in Orange CT

Dr. David Becker

Dr. David Becker founded this office in mid 1975. He practiced in several locations in Orange, finally settling on this location on South Lambert Rd around 2001.  He practiced dentistry here until early 2013 when he retired and sold the office to Drs. Calcaterra. He then relocated to Florida.

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of patients who patronized Dr. Becker continue to come to this office. Since Dr. Becker retired, we have modernized the office and incorporated many new dental procedures. We have also grown our patient base so that we have over three times the number of patients now in 2021 than when Dr. Becker retired in 2013.

All dental records Рboth hard copy and electronic copy Рof past patients are stored in a manner consistent with Connecticut laws regarding retention and storage of patient medical records. While the vast majority of hard copy patient records from Dr. Becker are stored offsite in a secure location, they can be obtained with enough advance notice. You may contact us if you have questions.

Covid-19 Notice: We are open for all types of dental care.

We have been open for all types of dental care since May 20, 2020.