IV Sedation Dentistry for Patients of Dr. Thomas Peltzer

Dr. Thomas Peltzer - IV Sedation Dentist - who used to practice in Plainville, CT

Dr. Thomas Peltzer – IV Sedation Dentist – who used to practice in Plainville, CT. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Peltzer’s Pinterest page)

As a leading IV Sedation Dentistry office in Connecticut, we were saddened to learn of the death of our colleague Dr. Thomas Peltzer. Dr. Peltzer practiced dentistry and provided IV sedation services to dental patients across the state at his office, called Gentle Dental Care, in Plainville CT. He was still practicing dentistry up until his untimely passing.

We had the distinct pleasure of treating many of Dr. Peltzer’s former patients over the years. Of those patients, they all had positive things to say about him and his abilities. Many patients residing in southern Connecticut – basically Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex, and New London counties elected to have us provide IV sedation for their dental procedures due to distance (as opposed to going to Plainville).

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that there are only a select few general dentists in the state of Connecticut with the experience and license to provide IV sedation. Dr. Peltzer was one of them. And so are we.

You Received IV Sedation from Dr. Peltzer. Now What?

We offer IV sedation just like Dr. Thomas Peltzer

Dr. Nick Calcaterra offers the same type of IV sedation as Dr. Peltzer

Since his passing, we’ve received many phone calls from his former patients inquiring about IV sedation, since we provide that same service. They are wondering how to proceed. Here are our recommendations:

  • You have a right to a copy of your dental records. Even in the event of the death of a practitioner, he/she must make arrangements for those records to be available for seven years.
  • Relax! There are other dentists in the State of Connecticut who offer IV sedation. We offer the same types of services as did Dr. Peltzer – with Dr. Nick Calcaterra consistently doing over 100 sedation cases per year.
  • Let us help you! We’ve compiled a list of all the sedation-licensed dentists in Connecticut for your convenience. Besides our office, there are a couple of other general dentists in Connecticut who offer IV sedation. You can call one of them.
  • Want to try someone not on the list? We don’t recommend it – because they likely don’t have the training and license. Even still, be sure to check that they have a license to provide sedation. Go to elicense.ct.gov¬†or call them and ask. Or better yet, read our page on the requirements for licensure so you can see if your new provider has the same credentials as Dr. Peltzer and Dr. Calcaterra. If he/she does not, we do not recommend you see them for your sedation.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about IV sedation or our services. You can call us (203) 799 – 2929 or visit this page to request an appointment.

Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with Dr. Peltzer nor his office. We are publishing this page to give his former patients the resources to find an alternative sedation dentistry provider.