From a Bad Bridge to a New Smile

This patient of ours from Hamden suffered with a horrible lower bridge that was placed due to excessive spacing. The bridge was done approximately 10 years ago by a different dentist. He was very self conscious about the color and shape of his lower bridge. And to make matters worse, unlike most people, he showed his lower teeth when he smiled!

Our treatment plan consisted of the removal of the old bridge, teeth movement with Invisalign to reduce the size of the gaps, placement of a dental implant, and then new cosmetic crowns.

Unfortunately, a pre-op photo of his bridge was not available. So we’ll start when we removed his old bridge:

photo of lower bridge sectioned showing ugly incisor crowns

The bridge was sectioned and his fake tooth removed. This was at the beginning of treatment. Note the spacing on top and bottom.

The above shows the start of treatment when we sectioned the bridge and removed the pontic or fake tooth. Note the ugly lower crowns with the opaque color. The next step was to move the teeth with Invisalign. When that was complete, an implant was placed. And we ended up with this:

lower incisor crowns after orthodontic treatment

The Invisalign is now complete. You can see the implant in place. Notice the dramatic closure of the spaces.

In the above photo, you will see how the spacing is nearly closed. The change in spacing is nothing short of dramatic! The dental implant is now in place (that’s the metal cap that is visible just above the gums).

From here, as you see in the photo below, we went ahead and did 3 new crowns on natural teeth and one crown on the implant:

four crowns on lower incisors with an implant

The finished product with four new crowns. You would never know they are crowns. Photos and dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

The above photo shows the dramatic results. You cannot tell that the 4 teeth are now crowns. Our patient feels like a changed person!

Below we have a classic before and after collage so you can make the comparison side to side:

High quality before and after photos showing a new smile.

Photos showing before and after. Wow! Dentistry and photos Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

Not only did we get a great result, but we had fun in the process. And so did the patient. That makes all the difference.

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