Closing of a Diastema

Our patient Leslie had lived with a significant gap (also called a diastema) between her two front teeth for many years. She came to us because of our reputation in being able to address cosmetic concerns such as these. After a brief consultation, we elected to use bonding to close the gap.

Here is a pre-op photo:

Photo showing diastema or gap between her teeth.

Before photo of Leslie – showing the diastema she had for many years.

In bonding, we are able add tooth colored material to the teeth to close gaps, fix white spots, and do other cosmetic enhancements. In the case, of Leslie, this procedure took approximately 1 hour to complete. So in one hour, she left a changed woman!

Here is the after photo:

photo showing diastema closure with bonding.

One hour later, her gap was gone. WOW! Dentistry and photos by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

We feel the photos speak for themselves. It can be hard to believe that a one hour investment of her time to close her diastema would result in such a profound effect on her smile and overall confidence. Below are the before and after photos joined together:

Before and after photos closing a diastema

The before and after photos showing how we closed the gap between Leslie’s teeth. Photos and dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

As mentioned, we were able to spend an hour that would then change Leslie’s smile for a lifetime. Not a bad investment if you ask us.