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Parents Allowed in Rooms for Dental Treatment on Children

As a modern, family dental practice in Orange, we perform all types of dentistry, from cosmetic work to emergencies to seeing children. We especially enjoy seeing the pediatric population as we are able to watch them grow over time. Many of our staff members – some of whom have been with us for over 20 years – have seen toddlers turn into kids turn into teenagers and then into college students!

Parent and her child both in the dental treatment room

One of our favorite patients along with her mother and our hygienist. Parents are always allowed in treatment rooms in our office for cleanings or appointments with Drs. Nicholas or Carla Calcaterra.

Our long-standing office policy has been that parents are always welcome in the treatment rooms for all dental appointments.

Some dental offices in Connecticut do not allow parents to accompany their kids for visits with the dentist. While we understand and respect those policies, ours has always been to encourage parents to be present.

kids dentist waiting room photo where parents are allowed to be with kids

Your child’s siblings can be easily entertained in our reception area.

We have found over the years that once parents are aware of what their childrens’ dental needs are, they actually help facilitate safe and effective treatment. With the parent present and affirming the need for dental care, in nearly all cases the children sense the importance of why they are in the dental chair. The end result is that we are able to accomplish the necessary treatment with the child having a positive (or least not a negative) experience.

We utilize this approach for all types of treatment – from dental cleanings to sealants to fillings. While we do have nitrous oxide available, we try to avoid it unless we absolutely need to use it.

So, if you are looking for a dental office where you can actively participate in the care of your child, you should consider our office. Feel free to visit our page on pediatric dentistry or to call us to learn more.