Hockey Pucks Don’t Scare Us

It was just a routine day at the office for us. But not for our patient John. A senior at Amity High School in Woodbridge, John took a hockey puck to his front tooth! At first glance, it looked like a case of “man vs. hockey puck with the puck winning!” When John showed up at our office in Orange nearly 1 hour later, we collectively said “Not so fast Mr. Puck!”

Hockey Puck damage to front tooth before and after photos of dental work

Our patient John was cheerful but obviously distressed when he came in. We ultimately got him back to normal!

The photo above shows before and after shots of John. How did we do it? Did we mention that it was the Senior Prom in 36 hours?

Due to the extent of the fracture and the pain, we had to do an immediate root canal. Upon completion of that procedure, we did bonding to give John something to smile for the Prom. It worked.

For a fracture of this size, bonding is not the best long term solution. Cases like these require crowns. So, we prepared the tooth for an all ceramic crown. We did custom shading of the porcelain so it would match his other tooth completely. We were also able to close the gap slightly between his two front teeth. See a closeup below:

Before and after photo front teeth and hockey puck dentist with crown

Before and after photos. We did an all porcelain crown. Even at this closeup, there is no way you can tell it is a crown! Photos and dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

John is now a student at UConn in Storrs and is very happy with his new tooth! And he is careful of hockey pucks. See you at your next cleaning John!

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Standard tooth model with perfect teeth

Very few of our patients have teeth like hers!

Many of our patients have perfect teeth without a single filling. Many others do not.

While we are tempted to only post photos of our patients with beautiful teeth, that would not represent what many people face today. So why do that? We’re out to help our patients achieve the smile and confidence they want, not create fake, airbrushed Vanity Fair models.

Our patient John was the furthest thing from a smiling model on the cover of a magazine. He came to us because he was impressed with our ability to help all types of patients. Let’s take a look:

Lower dental bridge with canines and incisors before and after photos

John was finally able to smile again with a new bridge! Photos and dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

John had a bad experience at the Aspen Dental in Orange, CT. As you look at his photos, you can see he has multiple missing teeth, large silver colored fillings, and generalized stain. His biggest concern was the gap between his lower front teeth. He was unable to smile and could no longer eat the foods he used to enjoy. We listened.

We presented John with all his options. As a current smoker, dental implants would have been less predictable. We ultimately decided upon a dental bridge to replace this missing lower teeth. Given his past dental problems, this was going to be a bridge over troubled waters.

On cementation of the bridge, John was a changed man. He was able to smile again and enjoy all of his favorite foods. John’s experience was a testament to the fact that anyone can benefit from modern, twenty-first century dentistry.

The Best Dental Bridge Photo Ever!

cool dental bridge photo showing teeth and pontics

John’s bridge before we permanently cemented it into this mouth. Photo Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

Patients often ask us what a bridge actually looks like. Well there it is! For John, given his past history of dental problems, we used a durable style that has a thin layer of metal underneath. But no one can see the metal.

John’s experience was so positive that we are happy to say that there are no more troubled waters. Just a happy patient comfortable with his smile.

Do you have a less than ideal smile? We won’t judge you – we’ll listen to you and work with you to identify the best solution. Contact us anytime.

Ugly Dental Implants!

A beautiful pre-operative dental implant photo

Not all of our implant cases begin like this!

If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering what dentist would be stupid enough to brag about ugly dental implants?!?

That would be us!

You see, many dentists, us included, post our best cases where people have perfect teeth and smiles. Many other dentists actually just buy “stock photos” of “tooth models” of patients they’ve never treated (note that we don’t do that!). We dentists often assume that patients ONLY want to see those cases. A great example we did is How Tom Got His Tooth Back.

But many of our patients don’t have perfect teeth. They have older, mismatched crowns. They have staining and receded gums. They have silver fillings that date back to the Kennedy administration. On top of all that, they’re missing a tooth or teeth and just want to be able to smile again without a gap or eat their favorite foods.

The patient then proceeds to receive life changing treatment with implants. They can eat again. They can smile again. They feel like they have their life back. We take before and after photos, but are reluctant to post them because they don’t look like the smiling tooth models.

But that ends with this post. So, without further ado, let’s look at some ugly dental implants!

First Before and After Photo

Ugly dental implant before and after photo at Calcaterra Family Dentistry

She didn’t have a Hollywood smile but the results are what counts! Photos and Dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

The patient above did not have a Hollywood smile. She suffered from years of gum disease resulting in gum recession, black triangles, and numerous dental crowns. Unfortunately, she had to lose her upper right canine due to dental decay. She wanted a replacement so that she could smile and eat the foods she wanted. That’s exactly what she got!

Second Before and After Photo

Pre and Post op dental implant photos done in our dentist office

A past history of gum disease did not stop this gentleman! Photos and dentistry by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

This gentleman is in his mid 50s. After a history of gum disease after growing up in another country, he had numerous missing teeth. He wasn’t looking to become the next Tom Cruise. All he wanted was to be able to eat his favorite foods and smile without showing a gap. It wasn’t Mission Impossible – it was Mission Accomplished!

The Truth About Dental Photos

Model with pretty teeth that we did not do dental treatment on

Warning! We did not treat this woman!

Do you see the woman to the left? Do you actually think she is one of our patients?

We didn’t think so!

As we mentioned before, many dentists “buy” stock photos like these, post them on their websites, and think you are gullible enough to believe that those are patients of theirs

We don’t do that.

We only post photos of patients that we’ve treated. You’ll find dozens of before and after shots – all completed here in our office in Orange. While some may look pretty (see here and here), others don’t have the Hollywood look. But they all have one thing in common: our patients left happy because we listened to their concerns and gave them what they wanted.

As usual, new patients are welcome. Visit our appointment page or call us at (203) 799-2929.


Beat the Black Triangle with Bonding!

Many of our patients come to us with the dreaded black triangle! Our experience in our Orange, CT dental office is consistent with the published research: approximately one third of all adults have unaesthetic black triangles. Before we discuss the details of this, let’s look at before and after photos of a case we just completed:

Before and After Photos of Black Triangle Correction

Before and after photo of dental black triangle being fixed with bonding

Black Triangle correction using dental bonding. The results speak for themselves! Case and photos by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra. Clicking on the photo will show an even larger version.

The patient above is a middle aged female in our practice. She was very self-conscious about her smile. She stated that for family photos, she would put her tongue behind her front teeth so that the black hole would not be visible.

We discussed her options at length. While porcelain veneers could have achieved an even better result, we collectively felt that option was overkill (too invasive and too costly). So we decided on bonding. We were able to achieve the above result in one hour and she left a changed woman!

Here is a photo from farther away:

Before and after picture of dental bonding to eliminate black triangle

Another view. Photo Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra

About Black Triangles

The term black triangle is more slang than anything else. The technical term is an open gingival embrasure. An open gingival embrasure can lead to multiple issues, including:

  • Esthetic concerns.
  • Greater likelihood of decay – because food is more likely to be chronically trapped there.
  • Speech issues – air can escape through the gap(s) while speaking which can affect the pronunciation of certain sounds.
  • Ejection of saliva while speaking – we’ve seen this happen on a couple of times but several patients have asked us to fix their embrasures over this very issue.
  • And others.

Remember that not all open embrasures need treatment. And if you don’t want to treat them, that’s fine too! We’re very low key and we do not push treatment. However, we have helped many patients address these with either bonding, porcelain veneers, or all ceramic crowns with great results. Just ask our patient above! Contact us if you would like a consultation.